Receiving ShoutOuts

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You just received a ShoutOut and don't know what it is? Learn more about ShoutOuts

How do I know if I received a ShoutOut?

If a user receives a ShoutOut they're notified via the following channels:

  1. In-app notifications
  2. Email

Depending on the sender's preferences, others may also be notified of the ShoutOut via your Team's Slack or Microsoft Teams channels. They may also be able to view the ShoutOut on their Activity Feed.

What do I do if I receive a ShoutOut?

Start by giving yourself a pat on the back.

If you received a Slack or Microsoft Teams notification, you can engage with the ShoutOut there. A common practice is to thank the sender.

You may not see a ShoutOut message on your Slack or Microsoft Teams channel if you received a private ShoutOut or the team associated with the ShoutOut doesn't have any active integrations. In such cases, it is still recommended to thank the sender in a private message.

You can also send back a ShoutOut.

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