TeamBuilder interface: A quick start guide

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Welcome to TeamBuilder. A simple, intuitive, and fun app that helps build culture and cohesive teams within your organization.  This article helps you become familiar with the platform.

To get started with using TeamBuilder for your organization for free, click here.

Activity Feed

Welcome to the Activity Feed, the central hub of TeamBuilder where you can seamlessly engage with your team and stay updated on all activities.

  • Column 1: This is your go-to spot for quick actions. Here, you'll find shortcuts to your user guide, upcoming challenges, other essential action items, and a reminder of the company's core values.

  • Column 2: This is the heart of the Activity Feed. Post updates, send ShoutOuts to recognize team members, or simply scroll through to see what your team is up to. Additionally, Ada, our AI assistant, keeps the conversation lively by posting intriguing Banter topics for everyone to engage with.

  • Column 3: Stay informed with this column. It showcases any featured posts that you shouldn't miss. Plus, if you're participating in challenges, you can quickly glance at your points and track activities related to ongoing challenges.

Dive in and make the most of these features to foster a collaborative and engaging team environment!


All TeamBuilder users have access to the Teams section.

Workspace managers can create and manage multiple teams or members can access their teams from this interface. These teams can participate in Banters, fill in IceBreakers, or participate in challenges.  Teams can have different time zones or connect with different Slack or Microsoft Teams channels.


Welcome to the "People" page, the directory of your workspace.

Here, you can browse through and get acquainted with all the members of your company. Every individual in the organization has access to this page, ensuring transparency and fostering connections.

One of the standout features of this page is the ability to view your peers' User Guides. These guides serve as a window into the professional backgrounds, interests, and personalities of your colleagues. By exploring these User Guides, you can gain insights into your teammates' experiences, strengths, and preferences, making collaboration smoother and more informed.

Take a moment to explore and learn more about the diverse and talented individuals that make up your organization.

User Guides

Every member on TeamBuilder has the privilege to access the "User Guide" section, a dedicated space that encapsulates individual profiles within the workspace. This section acts as a digital introduction, allowing colleagues to familiarize themselves with your professional background, interests, and distinctive qualities. TeamBuilder encourages all users to complete their User Guides, paving the way for enhanced understanding and synergy among team members. Once your User Guide is set, not only can you share your narrative, but you also gain the opportunity to delve into the stories of your peers.


Team managers and HR can enable or disable Banter topics for teams. Business and enterprise customers have access to creating custom Banter topics.

Banter adds life to your teams by sharing thought-provoking, fun, or simply hilarious topics for your teams to chat about daily. Banter topics get posted directly in your team's communication app of choice to get the conversation started.


All admin users like HR or IT have access to different administration settings.

The admin section controls all aspects of your TeamBuilder workspace. You can add custom branding for your company, set up integrations, add or remove users on the platform, setup your company values, locations, departments, and more.

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