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A team-building app by Intuition.


Gamified activities that support corporate initiatives, such as health and wellness, DEI, and employee training, fostering team bonding and shared goals. Challenges can be designed to create greater awareness around DEI topics, to promote physical or mental health and wellness, to support team or business objectives, or be just for fun to help build culture and camaraderie. Learn more about Challenges here.


Activities are the things you do to collect points in a Challenge! Learn more about Activities here.


Icebreakers are fun and thought-provoking onboarding questions sent to new team members. Answers are then shared with the team and can be used to break the ice and get a conversation going. IceBreakers can also help team members learn about each other's working styles. Learn more about IceBreakers here.


AI-generated virtual water cooler topics that encourage conversation and engagement among team members. Banter does just that and more! Daily fun and thought-provoking questions are posted directly to your team's designated Slack channel or in Microsoft Teams to start the conversation. Learn more about Banter here.

Value driven ShoutOuts

ShoutOuts are way for team members  to recognize one another for going above and beyond or for demonstrating company Values. Learn more about ShoutOuts here.

The TenSpot Videos

The TenSpot is a video repository of over 1,200 videos curated for TeamBuilder on topics ranging from professional development, mental health, wellness, to DEI awareness. Videos are available to all users at all times. Learn more about The TenSpot here.

Pulse Surveys

Employee Net Promoter Score surveys that gather feedback on team dynamics and employee satisfaction, informing managers about areas of improvement and fostering constructive conversations.

1:1 Planner

A tool that uses Generative AI to help managers plan, schedule, and execute one-on-one meetings with team members, promoting productivity and meaningful discussions.

User Guide

The "User Guide" is a feature within TeamBuilder that serves as a personal profile for each member. It offers a snapshot of an individual's professional background, interests, and unique attributes, facilitating better understanding and collaboration among team members.

Managers, HR, IT

Managers, HR, and IT are all user types with administrative capabilities. Learn more about user types here.

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